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Heritage and steady innovation.

The great grandfather Sjoerd ten Kate started our company in 1920, since the company has grown to a group of businesses with 4 factories and a worldwide customer base. The Royal Ten Kate Group is still completely owned by the family and has earned the recognition of the Royal House of the Netherlands in 2020.

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Carticol, our first product, was developed for uncle Sjoerd ten Kate, a member of the Ten Kate family who suffers arthritis, and we want to share this supplement to help others.
10KATE Laboratories is the R&D sister company of the “Royal Ten Kate Group” focussing on the development of nutraceuticals and health products for the elderly people.

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100% natural raw materials. Completely intact.

Patented Production Facility

The products of 10KATE Laboratories are produced in the factory of the sister company Ten Kate Protein Technologies, located in the countryside of The Netherlands.

Patented processing technology forms the heart of this state of the art factory. Due to our unique extraction technique, we are able to preserve the biologically active shape of our ingredients that are only used in our supplements.

The extraction takes place at ambient temperature, therefore leaving the valuable ingredients in the 100% natural raw materials, completely intact. The results are undenatured and native ingredients that are more powerful and extra potent in comparison to others.

Factory from back in the days


10KATE Laboratories is no stranger when it comes to advocating for a better future. By constant re-evaluating their supply chain of raw materials 10KATE is taking a holistic approach to sustainability. First and foremost, we only use pure natural raw materials coming out of our region. We know all our suppliers and the way they take care of producing our raw materials.

Sustainability is for 10KATE not only about protecting the environment, it is also about responsible production and social responsibility. Embedded in the local community, all employees are considered as a part of the family with true longevity in mind.

Quality Assurance

The 10KATE factory is accredited and registered by the Dutch Food Safety Authority (NVWA) and is FSCC 22.000 certified. With our in-house laboratories we can guaranty quality control throughout our complete supply and distribution chains.

Mission & Vision

Developing functional and 100% natural Supplements and Nutraceuticals, with the best quality organic materials sourced regionally to help people feel vital again and giving them the best quality of life.

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