Our powerful combination of collagen & health ingredients for a vital life.

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Only we combine the power of collagen together with top-grade health ingredients for a vital life.

Triple helix ingredients

100% Natural

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High efficiency

The Triple Helix with one single goal.

Scientists have found out the many benefits of collagens .

You don’t want to wonder – you’d like to see the effect. Our collagens are produced in a unique way, where we are able to keep the bio active shape of collagens. The triple helix is preserved in it’s natural most powerful form.

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Our Products

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Undenatured Collagen Type 2

Unique cartilage complex with Undenatured Collagen Type 2.
For cartilage function and bone health *

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For a normal function of the immune system.


A natural source of Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Chondoitin Sulfate.

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